Introduction to the group

  • Reading and Visual Cognition Lab focuses on exploring the mechanism of reading, visual cognition, and visual attention by using methods of behavior study, eye tracking and computational modeling.



Important Lab Events in 2015

  • 1 Success of research publication
  • In 2015, we published 15 papers in decent psychology journals, such as Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, Brain and Language, JEP:LMC, JEP:HPP, Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, in additional to two papers being accepted for publication and are in press currently. 13 of these papers are published in Q1 journals.  
  • 2 Success of grant application
  • Li Xingshan has been awarded a General Grant by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Li Xingshan and Qu Qingqing have been awarded a Chinese-Germany collaborative Research Grant. The lab team has been awarded the grant of the development of Urbanization program, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Post-doc Liu Yanping received the Young Scholar Grant, National Natural Science Foundation of China. Post-doc He Wenguang received the grant from China Postdoctoral Science Foundation.
  • 3 Lab members win prestigious awards
  • Li Xingshan has been promoted to be a Core Backbone Research Fellow of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Lin Nan’s publication in Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience has received special incentive from the Institute of Psychology. Ma Guojie won many awards such as the Dean Scholarship Award, the Director Scholarship Award, and the Outstanding Graduate Award.
  • 4 Success graduate student training
  • Ma Guojie has been awarded Doctor Degree, and has been appointed to be an Associate Professor by Shanxi Normal University. Liu Yanping finished his post-doc training and then has been recruited by Sun Yat-sen University as a Research Associate Professor. The intern Wang Mengsi received an unconditional offer as postgraduate student from University of Southampton.
  • 5 Attending international conferences
  • Li Xingshan, Qu Qingqing and Shen Wei attended the 18th ECEM held in Vienna and gave oral talks; Li Xingshan chaired one of sessions. Li Xingshan attended Annual Conference of Scientific research in Reading held in Hawaii, US. Qu Qingqing attended International writing words workshop in France. Lin Nan attended SfN in Chicago.
  • 6 Internationally renowned scholars visit the lab
  • Prof. Simon Liversedge, Prof. Eric Reichle and Prof. Chunk Clifton visited our lab in January, July, and November respectively. Members in the lab have had a full exchange with these scholars. A workshop titled as “Syntactic processing during language comprehension” has been actualized by Prof. Chunk Clifton.
  • 7 New lab members
  • Dr. Fu Gan joined the lab as a postdoc. Xu Pingping and Liu Weilin joined the lab as master students. Dr. Wangyu has visited the lab as visiting scholar. Ni Aiping and Liu Ming visited the lab as interns.
  • 8 Promotion of research staff
  • Dr. Luo Chunming and Dr. Qu Qingqing have been selected as master tutors.







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