Congratulations: Pingping Liu Passed the Doctoral Dissertation Defense

On 19 May, 2013, Xingshan Li's lab held a doctoral dissertation defense meeting for the student Pingping Liu. Her thesis focus on the eye movement control during Chinese reading. The members of the defense committee were the chairman, Prof. Danling Peng from Beijing Normal University, Prof. Xiaolin Zhou from Peking University, and Prof. Jiannong Shi, Prof. Buxin Han, Prof. Xun Liu from the Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
The committee members asked several questions and proposed some valuable suggestions for the thesis. Pingping Liu answered and clearly illustrated the main points of her dissertation. Her outstanding defense won the approval and positive comments from the all of the committee members.

Pingping Liu published 3 first-author papers and 3 additional second- or third- author papers in the last three years. She was award the “Excellent Graduation Award” because of her work in graduate school. Congratulations to Dr. Pingping Liu.



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