Personal Details

  • Name: Guangyao Zhang
  • Office address: Institute of Psychology, CAS
  • E-mail: zhangguangyao


  • 2017.9-present Institute os Psychology, CAS
  • 2013.8-2017.6 Nankai University, Banchelor

Research Interest



Zhang, G., Yao, P., Ma, G., Wang, J., Zhou, J., Huang, L., Xu, P., Chen, L., Chen, S., Gu, J., Wei, W., Cheng, X., Hua, H., Liu, P., Lou, Y., Shen, W., Bao, Y., Liu, J., Lin, N., & Li, X. (2022). The database of eye-movement measures on words in Chinese reading. Scientific Data, 9(1), 411. doi:10.1038/s41597-022-01464-6 pdf

Zhang, G., Hung, J., & Lin, N.* (Accepted). Coexistence of the social semantic effect and non-semantic effect in the default mode network. Brain Structure and Function.pdf

Zhang, G.#, Xu, Y.#, Zhang, M., Wang, S., & Lin, N.* (2021). The Brain Network in Support of Social Semantic Accumulation. Social cognitive and affective neuroscience, nsab003. Advance online publication. (#: co-first authors; *: corresponding author).pdf

Zhang, G., Yuan, B., Hua, H., Lou, Y., Lin, N.*, & Li, X*. (2021). Individual differences in first-pass fixation duration in reading are related to resting-state functional connectivity. Brain and language, 213, 104893. pdf

Zhang, G., Li, X., & Lin, N. (2020). YawMMF: Effective Mixed Model Functions. Available at:

Zhang, G., Li, X., & Lin, N. (2019). DPEEM: Data 'pipeline' Preprocessing and Extracting for Eye Movements. Available at: Manual

Email: lixs at Tel: 86-10-6487-6719